• Bolehill Chapel, Last Working Days.
  • Wirksworth Wedding, July 18th 2015
  • Watching Community Procession, Wirksworth Festival.
  • Kite Flying, Wigwell Nook Farm, Wirksworth Moor, 19th of July 2015
  • Phil Spencer and his Dog Clyde, 17th August 2015
  • Children Playing on the Steps of St Mary’s Church, Wirksworth, Clypping Service.
  • Gabriel, Ravens Dale, 10th May 2015
  • Shire Man Lance Hunt with his Daughter Billy, Alderwasley, 8th June 2015
  • Children playing in Fire Engine Water, Middleton School Fair.
  • Hug for Steve Pepper, Village Baker, Selling Bread from his Van, Middleton,10th of July, 2014
  • Audience Watching ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, Stoney Wood, Wirksworth.
  • Excited Crowd at the Launch of The Stardisc, Stoney Wood, Wirksworth.
  • Glass Artist Esther Patterson with Gwennie, In the Sherpa Inspiration Van, Wirkswirth Moor, 20th August, 2015.
  • Jen and Ian Matkin, Restoring and working the Familiy’s Hardhurst Farm, near Wirksworth, 23rd of August 2015.
  • Jim Oaks Getting in his Hay, Wirksworth Moor, 3rd of August 2015
  • Peter Melbourne with his Raddishes, July 2014
  • Emma Alsop of Beeches Farm Ible, with her Bees, August 2014
  • Scrap Dealer, Steve Spencer, Reflected in an Old Stone Trough.
  • Peter Melbourne with his Cats, Chequer Meadow, Ashleyhay, October 2014.



This is Kate's latest work and launches at the Wirksworth festival on the 12th and 13th of September at The Northern Lights Cinema.

The photographs look at the imprints of people and their lives on a place, community and landscape. The imprints of Motherhood on the photographer and how that has changed Kate's way of seeing is also explored in the pictures.

'Imprints' is a visual story of some of the people of Wirksworth and It's surrounding hills, and Kate's response to their stories with her camera. Often in this series of images Kate used her iPhone to catch these fleeting images quickly and instinctively, 'Because it's small, familiar and not very threatening and always with me, apart from when my son's pinched it for 'Minecraft!'

'Imprints' opens on the Wirksworth Festival Trail weekend, 12th and 13th of September and will be on show at the Northern Lights Cinema until the beginning of October.

Signed copies of the book are available to order from the online shop for £15 inc p&p.


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